For those who love table games, there is something to smile about. Having lost a lot of money on other games, you have a 50% of winning every time you play the game of war. For those new to the game, you can visit .

What is Casino War

Casino war is just a simple card game that bases its theme on the famous game of the war. For those who played war in their childhood, it is easy to master this game. It will be easy if you have ever played a game of drawing highest card.

The Card Arragement

In most cases, the game will be played with (52 cards deck) six standards. However, there will be times the number of decks will be higher or lower. The card ranking resembles the ones in the game of poker exept that aces here are always ranked highest.

Parties Involved in the Game

The game is played by two parties. The player and the dealer. A player is the person who wagers the stake with the aim of making some money at the end of the game. The dealer represents the house. He will play against the player.

How the Game is Played

The game starts when the dealer and the player are dealt with asingle cards each. The value of the card will determine who wins this game. If the player's cards obtains a higher ranking than that of the dealer, then the player wins the game.

However, in the event that the dealer is delt with a card that has a rank higher than that of the player, the player loses the game. But, the intresting bit is when the game ends in a tie (where both cards are ranked the same).

The Tie Scenario

When the game ties, the player has only two options. He can choose to surrender (concide the defeat) or "go to war". Going to war means doubling the stake. When the player surrenders, he will lose half of the initial amount of money wagered.

Going to War

When the player goes to war, the dealer must release (burn) three cards before another session starts. This time both the dealer and the player get a single card each. The outcome of the game here will be final. So what happens in different scenarios ?

The Outcome

In the event that the dealer's hand is higher than the player, the player loses the double stake. However, if both hands have same raning, the player will win the double stake. If the player hand is higher, he will win the initial stake only.

The Best Strategy

The best strategy here is to never surrender. When a player concedes the defeat and a bonus is paid out, the edge will be in favor of the house. The expected value probability shows that it will be a bad idea if the player surrenders.

The House Edge

Both the player and the dealer have a 46.3% chance to win the game in the first round, especially when playing a game with 6 decks of cards. Does it seem an even money game? Well, the house edge comes into play when there is a tie.

The Side Bet

The game also offers players a chance to play a side bet. The player can bet on side bet in case of a tie. In the event that a player makes a tie bet and the card ranking matches that of the dealer, the player wins 10:1 of original stake.

History of Casino War

The game was developed in 1993 by Nevada based IT company known as Bet Technology. In 2004, the company sold the game to a giant company known as Shuffle Master. Today, Shuffle Master holds all the patent rights of the game. They are members of Scientific Games coporation.